Nov 27, 2014

The Camille Conte Show 11-26-14

The Grand Jury's decision not to indict Officer Wilson has given me both a material and spiritual perspective. PoliticusUSA's Justin Baragona in hour one and my spiritual colleague, Kaleem Nuriddin in hour two. I hope you'll give this special show a listen.

Nov 21, 2014

The Camille Conte Show 11-20-14

This Day in Music History, Happy Birthday Joe Walsh, The Joke of the Week from the birthday girl, my mom, The World's Greatest Joke Teller and the rules of backgammon!

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Nov 19, 2014

The Camille Conte Show 11-18-14

Alaska Commentator, Kelly Walters is back on the air with a post political wrap-up plus a few additional characters who have things to say! PoliticusUSA's Senior Editor, Justin Baragona is live in hour 2 from Ferguson with an update. And as always, some great music!

Nov 14, 2014

The Camille Conte Show 11-13-14

Today's show was so POWERFUl that the energy of my incredible guests blew us right out of the socket! So the show ends abruptly which means you miss The Joke of the Week all of which reminds us that LIVE is where it's at! Thank you to Colleen Coadic, Van Horn Ely and Ken Sease for an amazing show! If you only listen to one show, listen to this one!

Nov 7, 2014

The Camille Conte Show 11-6-14

Live from Anchorage today with first time political candidate, Michael Fenster as my guest talking about what it was like before, during and after he said "Yes!". Also, This Day in Music History, The Joke of the Week and some great new music from The Lone Bellows, Ziggy Marley, Tom Petty and more! 

Nov 5, 2014

The Camille Conte Show 11-4-14

Celebrating the one year anniversary of The Backstreets of America Tour by coming back to where it all began! Election Day is live from Anchorage with my political commentator, Kelly Walters! Wow! What a fabulous conversation! Thank you Kelly!


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