Oct 28, 2017

The Camille Conte Show 10-27-17

Our rock n roll hearts are still tender as we slowly come to terms with the way too early passing of Tom Petty. We do it the only way we know how and that's with the music as we come to accept the inevitable Truth - life goes on. Enjoy. 

Here are the quotes from Tom Petty that I talk about in the show.

Oct 21, 2017

The Camille Conte Show 10-20-17 Happy Birthday Tom Petty

Today we celebrate the 67th Birthday of Tom Petty the only way we know how. With his music. Maybe it's a good thing that his birthday is here only thirteen days after his death because it's giving me something to celebrate. Tom Petty's death is being felt deeply because his music is a deeply woven thread in the tapestry of American music. We know the words because they're our own. Tom Petty lived a low profile for a rock star and it's only now that we are realizing just how long and solid the arch of his music is in this relatively short span of time. Happy Birthday Tom and thanks for the music. 

Several articles that have been really great.

A must listen to last interview.

A must read that tells about his first trip to LA

How he stood up to his record label!

Beautiful piece in RS with the band The Shelters


Oct 14, 2017

The Camille Conte Show 10-13-17

October is now officially Tom Petty Month here on the show as we continue to celebrate his music, the band and the man himself. This week I'm sharing tributes from Coldplay, Wilco, Zac Brown and even Miley Cyrus as over 25 artists and counting take to the stage to pay homage to the great influence he's had on their lives and art. If you missed last week's show, here it is cause it's a must listen to show.  Tribute Show to Tom Petty.

Next week, it's Tom Petty's Birthday Party! Enjoy.

Oct 7, 2017

The Camille Conte Show 10-6-17

My tribute to the great Tom Petty. 


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