Feb 28, 2020

The Camille Conte Show 2-28-2020

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Three time Grammy winner, Lucinda Williams, seven time Grammy winner Alanis Morissette and Grammy winner, Huey Lewis share The New Music Spotlight this week and damn, it's all good. DREAMRAISERs are everywhere, another Joke of the Week to honor my mom and field notes from the dirt road that is grief and loss. Ain't nothing like the real thing. Enjoy. 

Feb 21, 2020

The Camille Conte Show 2-21-2020

Well, last week grief was behind the steering wheel and it was quite the ride. This week it's in the passenger seat though it does grab the wheel from me a few times. I'm not sure how many shows or podcasts there are out there in this big world that play Pink Floyd, Liz Phair and Billie Eilish in the same hour while talking about the anger that flexes its muscle inside the experience of grief and loss but The Camille Conte Show does just that, at least this week. Even more reason to consider a donation during this year's fundraiser going on now through March 5th. You can become a DREAMRAISER here.

Thank you for your support! Peace CC 

Feb 14, 2020

The Camille Conte Show - Dedicated to My Mom 2-24-2020

It has not been easy putting this show together in memory of my mom whose passing is sudden, unexpected and difficult to accept. There is still so much to share and I look forward to doing just that as I return to the microphone next week. This week's show uses music, hers and mine, to help me communicate my feelings at this time of loss and yet celebration. I've added some of her jokes and one of the exchanges we had, all of which I'm so grateful to have recorded. 

I thank you for your love and support, your words of comfort and sympathy as well as your encouragement to keep going. My mom insisted "the show must go on" and implored me to do my January fundraiser as soon as possible. She is my greatest cheerleader. 

And so this one's for you, ma. Thanks for everything. I love you tons.  



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