Mar 27, 2020

The Camille Conte Show 3-27-2020

Let me give you shelter from the storm. As we continue with our physical distancing we stay socially connected and strive to find new ways to look at what's happening so we can go the distance and keep ourselves healthy. Plus, The New Music Spotlight wraps up Women's History Month with the first in ten years from Dixie Chicks, Alabama Shakes front woman, Brittany Howard's debut solo album and from central Jersey, Donna Missal's new one, You Burned Me. And I honor my mom, who I miss so much, with The Joke of the Week and a poem. Enjoy.

Mar 20, 2020

The Camille Conte Show 3-20-2020

Honoring the women during Women's History month inside The New Music Spotlight with Soccer Mommy aka Sophie Allison, Caroline Rose and her new one Feel the Way I Want and one of the pillars of women's music, Chrissie Hynde with The Pretendes and their forthcoming album, Hate for Sale and the new song, The Buzz. Honoring my mom too with The Joke of the Week. Plus, reminding ourselves that there are many things that are not changing during this time of change. Yep, I list them! Enjoy. 

Here's that article I talked about! 

Mar 19, 2020

The Camille Conte Show Live - 3-19-2020

The show is also going live during the week with callers so we can stay connected in real time as life as we know it morphs into something we can't yet see. Today I spoke with Anchorage small business owner and friend, Laile Fairbairn to understand more intimately what this experience has been like and how she and others in her industry are dealing with this unprecedented time of change and economic loss. And then, to remind us that we are all connected, I get a call from Queen JB in Nigeria who shares what's happening in her country. Here we go. 

Mar 13, 2020

The Camille Conte Show 3-13-2020

Let's see...Friday the 13th, March Madness, Women's History Month, DREAMRAISERS, the power of fear during a global pandemic and CC's big announcement about.....Taylor Swift?!! Must be showtime! Plus the ladies are owning The New Music Spotlight once again this week with Lisa Loeb,  HAIM and Best Coast. Wash your hands then turn it up. Enjoy. 

Mar 6, 2020

The Camille Conte Show 3-6-2020

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Celebrating Women's History Month with three powerful female artists inside The New Music Spotlight:  ZZ Ward, Sunny Ozell and US Girls. Plus how the corona virus is impacting the music industry and events like SXSW in Austin and writer David Ferguson gets to the heart of what it feels like to lose a mother or as he puts it when we become "un-mothered." Life is the topic on this show and music the healing balm. Enjoy.


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