Nov 26, 2020

The Camille Conte Show #630 - The 40th Anniversary Special Thanksgiving 2020

Gratitude, appreciation, celebration and a few blasts from the past as we celebrate forty years behind the microphone this Thanksgiving Day 2020 with this year's 40th Anniversary Show! Enjoy and thank you for being a part of this magnificent adventure known as radio, radio!!

Nov 20, 2020

The Camille Conte Show #629 11-20-2020

Anybody else feel like running? This week's music captures the pent up feelings we have these days when all we want to do is run like hell, somewhere, anywhere. We also do a reality check on where we are at with five weeks left in this WTF year and why it's so important to adjust to the marathon we're in. Thank you to new patron, Loren Dixon for sponsoring The New Music Spotlight this week with two absolutely fantastic artists: Wyn Starks and Saint Nomad. You will love their music. Plus news from NY's first restaurant to do rapid tests on site for $50 in order to eat in an established "negative" environment.  And we wish my mom, The World's Greatest Joke Teller a very happy 90th birthday as the tears flow with this week's The Joke of the Week. Enjoy

Thank you to New Thought Media Network for adding the show to it's line-up of positive vibin' shows! 

Nov 13, 2020

The Camille Conte Show #628 11-13-2020

Celebrating 40 years behind the mic this month with my first interview and another new patron! Thank you Lila Vogt for sponsoring this week's The New Music Spotlight and talk about what's good and new. Two new artists, both in their early twenties, both exceptional songwriters and singers achieving a emotional depth that often comes with many more years of honing one's craft but not for these two. First, it's Cobi and his tremendous new song, Faith in Tomorrow. POWERFUL. Next up Briston Maroney who at 22 years of age is already amassing a huge fan base and you know why with his new song, Deep Sea Diver.  Plus, Happy 75th Birthday to Neil Young, The Joke of the Week goes there and we take some time to digest what's happening in our country and how and why denial works, something I know alittle bit about. Yep, a November to remember! Enjoy. 

Nov 6, 2020

The Camille Conte Show #627 11-6-2020

Read all about it! When election results are paper thin, The Camille Conte Show shows up with the soundtrack. Plus November birthdays in the first half of the month including Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt and Andy Patridge of XTC.  Plus The New Music Spotlight has another new patron! Listener and long time supporter Anne Lazenby says yes to a monthly membership and is the sponsor of this week's new music featuring Belle Mt. and his new tune, Hollow and we continue to explore Bruce Springsteen's new album, "Letter to You" with the song that opens the album and its theme of loss and the preciousness of life. And we wrap it up with some exciting news about the show and The Joke of the Week with The World's Greatest Joke Teller. Oh yeah. Celebrating 40 years behind the microphone and I'm just getting started. Enjoy.

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