Labor Day Weekend Best of The Camille Conte Show


Taking a much needed break from life this Labor Day Weekend and I hope you can too. Thank you to all of those who are working this weekend so everyone else can remind you that they are not. We appreciate you. Here's how things sounded a couple of years ago as the summer came to an end. Consider it my version of going back to normal! It only lasts an hour though so enjoy it! Thanks for your support. Take good care of yourself and have a easy, music filled weekend. You deserve it. Peace CC

Notes from the Best of Show for Labor Day Weekend: 8/31/2018. Wrapping up the Summer of 2018 the same way we began it! Plus, The 50th Anniversary of Music from the Big Pink, Neil Young says, "I Do" and The New Music Spotlight A - Z. It ain't over yet! We're still working our way through the "S's" with Sam Morrow, Scars on 45, Shakey Graves and The Spencer Lee Band. I'm tellin' you, this is some good new music.

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