The Camille Conte Show 2-1-19


Thank you DREAMRAISERS for making the 7th Annual DREAMRAISER a huge success! I got nothing but love for ya and the music that says so. Plus The New Music Spotlight featuring a deeply heartfelt tune from The Killers, Land of the Free and after 27 years of creativity, Guster does it again with their 8th studio album, Look Alive and the new song from it, Over Excited which is exactly how I feel!

If you're Ready for Change, come join me. Information about the next class is here. Only nine seats left so don't think too much about it because Change doesn't wait! 

Thank you!!! Tom & Sue May, Dennis Lind, Dominique Wallace, Evie Dunham, Kenneth Meyer, Joyce Borninkof, Anne Lazenby, Susan Laskoski, Michelle Semerad, Lori Hamblin, Jill Hoelting, Mary Kay Welsh, Roberta Facinelli, Joe Raiola, John Sroufe, Ron Swartz, Suzanne Little, Bob Adler, Jonathon Katcher, Cynthia Hensley, Colleen Coadic, Tracey Bobrowicz, Jean Alden, Cathy Coon, Claire Coppel, Theresa Hoff, Peggy Beal, Mark Jaynes, Michelle Moore-Jones, Tina Spears, Celeste Donnelly, Rev. Rachel Hollander, Joan Granda, Loren Dixon, Denise Montagna, Christy Morgan, Susie Conley and Allison King. LOVE YOU!