The Camille Conte Show #616 8-14-2020


You say you want a revolution? Stand by. There's one brewing. CC premieres her new stand-up bit, "The Deli" featuring "Shaved? Seriously?" "Isn't it the cheese with the holes?" "It doesn't get any wurst," and the gut buster, "Why?"  Plus, The New Music Spotlight has it's third new patron, listener Joan Koval and features The Brummies out of Alabama but calling Nashville home these days with their new song, Sunshine and after ten years, a new album from Bright Eyes out August 21st. We've got the new single, Mariana Trench under the spotlights this week. And finally, Sammy Hagar says he'd die for his kids and grandkids, Smash Mouth say f**k you to COVID and Mavis Staples tells it like it is. Enjoy. 


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