The Camille Conte Show #617 8-21-2020


Time stops today to celebrate the life and music and influence of Joe Strummer. Be sure to watch the tribute happening on Youtube today. It's fabulous. So is this week's show and The New Music Spotlight brought to you by the show's latest Patron, Judith Mack. Back in the spotlight after a 28 year hiatus is Patty Smyth and her new song Drive. A new artist to the show, Alan Williams, frontman for the band, Birdsong at Morning finds songs 25 years old only to realize they are still really good! "Evidence Unearthed" comes out 8/28 and we've got the new song from it, Anniston. And The Killers do it again with their new one, My Own Soul's Warning from their 6th studio album "Imploding the Mirage." And we talk about home, where it is and whether or not we will we know it when we get there. Enjoy. 

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