The Camille Conte Show #623 - John Lennon’s 80th Birthday Celebration!


Happy 80th Birthday John Lennon! This week's show celebrates the life, music and message of John Lennon with songs from his early days with The Beatles to his 1974 album, "Walls and Bridges" to his return to music in 1980 with the release of "Double Fantasy."  We hear John in his own words talking about his journey from misogynist to feminist along with the words of John and Yoko's photographer, Bob Gruen who I interviewed a few years ago as well as Joe Raiola, the artistic director of the Annual Lennon Tribute which will, for the first time ever, be live streaming to fans across the world all weekend long. I hope I've passed the audition! Enjoy.

Catch the 40th Annual John Lennon Tribute here

Here's that article about the songs John sings lead on. 

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