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The 9th Annual DREAMRAISER has begun!

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Why Become a Patron?

A talent like Camille is worth investing in because she gives all of herself to help make this world a better place. Her knowledge and passion for music and the artists who create it makes The Camille Conte Show like no other. If you're a regular listener of The Camille Conte Show you can become an active participant in Camille's work with a monthly subscription. By supporting Camille on a regular basis, you're joining others who are changing the way podcasts and their hosts are valued and there's no doubt that what Camille does is valuable.

How Will My Support Help? 

Becoming a Patron of Camille's work in the world helps build a more sustainable income source for Camille's role not just as an award winning, independent, kick ass rock n roll broadcaster but as a hybrid creative who is constantly inspiring her audience with the wisdom gleamed from her life experiences, educating her listeners with her spiritual philosophy and entertaining her followers with her sense of humor and love of music. Patrons also help keep the show commercial free! 

In addition, pledging your financial support on a monthly basis helps Camille cover the behind the scene costs of running a podcast whether it's the host site's yearly fee, maintaining her audio production services, having a budget to create and maintain a brand new multi-media website in 2021 as well as hiring a producer who will help her grow the show. Lastly, we want to see Camille deli free in the new year so she has more time for creating! 

Celebrating 40 Years Behind the Microphone

Camille is celebrating 40 years behind the microphone! She is a veteran broadcaster with the awards and knowledge to prove it. She's hosted over a thousand interviews, has traveled across the country with The Backstreets of America Tour and just launched her new talk podcast, "The Confusion Experiment." In addition to all that, Camille is a first time author of "The Confusion Experiment" and creator of the transformational online program, "Ready for Change." Whether in the studio or on stage, the microphone is the symbol of connection between Camille and her audience. 

Support Camille's Work in the World - Pick the level that works for you! 

The 9th Annual DREAMRAISER has begun!

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Level One - $5 a month subscription - Support The New Music Spotlight. For just $5 a month, you'll become a Patron of The New Music Spotlight (TNMS) and the new music purchases CC does for this special part of the show. When you first sign up at this level, Camille will give you a shout out during the show as the official sponsor of that week's TNMS!


Level Two - $10 a month subscription - Support The Show.  At this level you're showing your support not just for the show but the host as well. For $10 a month, you'll help purchase all the music CC buys for the show along with a special shout out. In addition, you'll receive in January, "The Best of the New Music Spotlight," which offers exclusive access to the year's best top twenty new songs as chosen by CC. You'll also be listed on her Patron's page. 



Level Three - $20 a month - Support the Show and the Host.  At this level you're not only supporting the creation of The Camille Conte Show but you're also supporting Camille. Here's where things start cooking! You'll be a part of CC's Creative Tribe, involved in brainstorming ideas for merchandise, show growth and other creative projects. You'll also have the chance to co-produce a show with Camille helping to pick out some of the music and even be on the air with her! How cool is that? Includes Level 1 & 2. 




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