Jul 27, 2019

The Camille Conte Show 7-26-19

Who would have thought that Bob Dylan's song, Man of Peace, would be taken up by Gloria Gaynor? But that's exactly what's going on inside The New Music Spotlight this week along with the new one from Robert Randolph & the Family Band out of Orange, New Jersey and their new tune, Batise Me from the new album, "Better Days." Meanwhile, the saga of Woodstock 50 moves on and so does the event.... to Maryland! You can't make this stuff up so turn it up and enjoy the grooves of Reggae as we continue to celebrate the sounds of summer, 2019 style. 

Jul 20, 2019

The Camille Conte Show 7-19-19

There's only one place to be and that's on the beach! Nothing but the sounds of summer and castles made of sand to kick off the show. We tip our hat to the great, Johnny Clegg who lost his battle with cancer this week. What an artist he was, dedicating his life and music to defy the apartheid-era segregation laws of South Africa. Inside The New Music Spotlight we take a listen to new songs from Joseph and The Jason Spooner Band. Plus, Music News and a belated Happy Birthday to Ringo Starr so grab a cold one and turn it up! Enjoy. 

Here's that beautiful article featuring Johnny Clegg

Jul 13, 2019

The Camille Conte Show 7-12-19

The New Music Spotlight scores a triple play this week with some seriously good new music from 20 year old, Hailey Knox and the title track from her new one, Hardwired, 22 year old Noah Kahan's debut, Busyhead and the new song, Cynic and from So Cal it's Dime Box Band and the sweet sounds of summer on their new one, As the Crow Flies. Farm Aid, Woodstock 50, Sting and Springsteen inside Music News and the sounds of summer get things going! Pour yourself a cold one and turn it up! Enjoy. 

Jul 7, 2019

The Camille Conte Show 7-6-19

The Sounds of Summer continue with a trip down South for the great fusion that is Southern Rock. Plus a review of the new movie "Yesterday" and the Stones in Maryland. Plus The New Music Spotlight featuring Black Pumas and Sheryl Crow. Turn it up and cool down!

Rolling Stones Review


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